Promotions & Sales

Advanced Promotion Settings

Setup coupon based cart discounts to apply to certain products and categories while applying the discount to the cart or individual items. Promotions allow for time based restrictions and you can limit the number of uses per coupon code!

Promotions & Sales

Single & Multiple Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are unrestricted by default but you can easily set them to single or limit the number of times you want them used! Setting up single use coupon codes for gift cards or individual promotions is a breeze.

Promotions & Sales

Member & Time Based Sales

BrilliantRetail can manage your sales pricing for you. The extreme flexibility of the product will allow you to set discounts that are only seen by particular member groups and you can set sells to start and end automatically.

Promotions & Sales

Dynamic Price Display

We take care of the pricing display for you! BrilliantRetail handles all the heavy lifting of deciding which price to display to the end user and elegantly handles member based and sales pricing.

Let us worry about the logic while you focus on selling your products and running your business!