Customers & Orders

Customers Are ExpressionEngine Members

ExpressionEngine comes packed with feature rich and secure member management! We leverage the ExpressionEngine core member functionality to bring you and your end user a seamless account management experience.

Customers & Orders

Frontend Profile Edit Tags

Managing you members information on the frontend is a breeze with the BrilliantRetail profile editing capability. No need to rely on the ‘membership’ templates that ship with ExpressionEngine or other third party extensions!

BrilliantRetail allows you to manage your users’ information out of the box.

Customers & Orders

Order History

Your customers expect a powerful and informative account section! Out of the box BrilliantRetail provides templates and the tags to build a robust Order History section for your clients.

Customers & Orders

Download History

Delivery of digital products is crucial when you sell downloadable goods. BrilliantRetail is simple and secure for delivering your product downloads. You can additionally limit the number of downloads per product and the length, in days, that the product can be downloaded.