Admin & Reporting

Seamless Integration & Permissions

BrilliantRetail integrates seamlessly into your ExpressionEngine website. All of the core features and functions are accessible through a primary navigation tab. Giving your store administrators a clean and logical management experience.

BrilliantRetail extends beyond the the standard module controls and allows you to set which sections of the admin your administrative member groups can access.

Admin & Reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

The dashboard provides snapshot reporting of your sales and orders. With the beauty of integrated Google Charts the dashboard pops with data on your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales.

The advanced reporting feature allows you to access more specific data. Including information on Customer Sales, Coupon Usage, Customer Downloads, Best Selling Products, and more! Reports can be viewed online or downloaded in CSV format to view in your spreadsheets.

Admin & Reporting

Easy Configuration

It’s simple enable and configure the integrations you need for your store. From the BrilliantRetail settings tab you can configure your shipping methods, payment gateway options, set administrative user permissions and more!